Do spiders go to heaven?

30 08 2012

This was not a happy spider when I found her yesterday. Look at the legs – the way they are all curled forward. They do that when the end is nigh (or are dead) and sure enough this morning, when I opened the drawer where I’d left her overnight, she was dead.

She could move a bit when I found her, legs curled, on the floor of the bathroom. I moved her into some sunlight to take the photo and she didn’t try to move off. I wondered what the problem was. Old age? Parasites? It certainly wasn’t anything that had been sprayed as nothing had. She appeared to be in her prime – zoom in and marvel at those fangs and hairy coat! I cannot think what would eat a spider around here. It’s not actually spider season right now as it’s too dry to support much in the way of insects. That will change in the rains when the bathroom becomes a favorite habitat of mosquitoes. So even if spiders don’t go to heaven my bathroom will become a heaven for those of them still around. And yes, my house is a bit of a spider haven; I rather like them!



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6 09 2012
Big Blister

I like spiders – but am becoming increasingly sensitive to their bites, which I incur out in my vegetable garden, doing field work – and sometimes even when I’m sleeping in my room…

6 09 2012

Can’t say I have ever been bitten by one. We do get one that has an affinity for bed linen and the bite makes mess – it’s cytotoxic but I don’t even know what the spider looks like! At the end of summer the nursery becomes a haven for the golden orb spiders but I have yet to take a decent photo of one.

12 01 2014
Pastor Riggen

What kind if spider is this? My wife and I are in Zimbabwe doing some missionary work, and I found one in my bathroom last night. Are they dangerous?

13 01 2014

My insect book doesn’t stretch to spiders, which are not insects, so I cannot identify it. So far as I know they are not dangerous to humans. We have one spider called a yellow harp spider which is medium sized and rather ordinary looking which does have cytotoxic venom that can make a mess. It won’t kill you though but if you have small children I’d educate them on the beneficial aspects of spiders and to leave them alone.

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