The colours of spring

4 09 2012

In the high latitudes nature colours the landscape in autumn or fall as it’s known in north America. In Zimbabwe the colours come in the new leaves in spring. The msasas (Brachystegia speciformis) are the first out and they don’t last long. I have tried on numerous occasions to capture the show and failed. This last weekend I had a bit more incentive as I had done nothing about the calendar that I produce every year for my company. So packing all the equipment I headed up to the Bvumba mountains in the eastern highlands of Zim with friends to where I knew the colours were good. Unfortunately the light was poor with all the bush fires around but I think I was reasonably successful.

Pure gold leaf!

The view such as it was. There were fires everywhere which did nothing for the light quality.

This was taken on a much lower part of the Bvumba.

The magic of late afternoon light. These colours are true.

This was taken on the way up to Mutare near Macheke.

There must be worse places for a picnic!

All the leaves on the tree are the same colour at once irrespective of their age.



4 responses

4 09 2012

Msasa trees are spectacular and your photos are brilliant.

4 09 2012

Thanks. It was a pity about the poor light quality. Of course yesterday was much clearer…!

4 09 2012

Fantastic photos!

10 10 2012
Big Blister

I think the hazy background actually enhanced the leaves in the foreground – beautiful!

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