This is Kharma

Kharma, despite being a Rhodesian Ridgeback, is an Aussie. I got her from a breeder in Jo’burg shortly after Jenni died. She’d been imported from Australia but had not bred well and was being picked on by the rest of the pack so I was given her after she’d been spayed. It would have been cheaper to drive down to Jo’burg and pick her up but if you are prepared to fly a dog around the airlines know you will pay just about anything! She has been well worth the cost. She was very nervy at first but now she is my best friend and is a real character.

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6 04 2013
Shaunagh Shaw

Hi Andy, I was looking up info on Ewanrigg today and came across your blog – it is great! Love Shaunagh Shaw

21 05 2014

I love the training Derek pic!

2 08 2016

How have I only now seen this? Loved learning more about Kharma!

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