The definition of poverty

29 08 2012

The definition of poverty varies from country to country. I have heard figures ranging from $1.25 to $3.00. The minimum wage for horticulture in Zimbabwe is $70 a month plus another $77 in allowances if the person lives off the property and has to use public transport to work (this does vary quite a bit). Of course you can pay more if you feel like it and there are stipulated job definitions and grades too. Agriculture uses a 26 working day month which means that my labour force earns around $5.65 a day so is well clear of the poverty line. This strikes me as unnecessarily complicated. I think the definition should be; can they afford to have and operate a cell phone?



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29 08 2012

Very interesting subject, poverty line. Definition or by absolute figure or relative figure like in France, calculate as 50% of the country median income. It is considered today in France at 954 Euro and then 8 millions of French citizen are poor (12% of the population).
100% of French household have a fridge,
100% of French household have a mobile phone,
97% a TV
and so on..

30 08 2012

Ah, yes, but what SORT of mobile phone do they have?

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