HIFA 2010 – day 5

2 05 2010

2/3 Trio Broz

Given enough musical talent you can do just about anything, including mixing classical with rap. Trio Broz are better known for their considerable classical ability so I was interested to see how well they would fuse with a Zimbabwean rap artist (Outspoken) and a conventional band. Surprisingly well! In a show entitled Musicolour it all came together well – I wonder how often they have played Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the water” with a rock band?

Just Papers was a small Zimbabwean play sponsored with the help of British Council who seem to be heavily involved in the arts scene in Zimbabwe at the moment. It was a simple story well acted and I even got a half decent photo out of it!

Just Papers

I am not usually a fan of reggae but, what the hell, at HIFA one has to take off the blinkers occasionally so I took mine off for Transit Crew with Yasus Afari. The latter is a genuine rasta man from Jamaica and he had some interesting advice for the capacity crowd which I found very funny though I think he was being serious. Yes, he even had a button with a picture of Haille Sellasie (sp?) on his jacket. Yes, I did enjoy the show and Transit Crew are competent musicians though I don’t think I’ll be out to buy any reggae just yet.

Transit Crew



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