HIFA 2010 – final day

4 05 2010

I took it easy. I must have been HIFAed out like a lot of people are by the end of the festival. So it was just The World’s Wife, a collection of poetry by Carol Ann Duffy performed by Linda Marlowe and Threads, a contemporary dance piece performed by Moving Into Dance Mophatong from South Africa.

I was not familiar with Carol Ann Duffy’s work but it was a witty (sometimes rapier wit) collection of poems where she imagined being famous wives, or rather, wives of famous men. Faust, Quasimodo, the Devil, and Orpheus all featured amongst a few others. It helped to be familiar with who the characters were and it was very entertainingly put together by Linda Marlow to a capacity audience.

The World's Wife

Somehow Threads just didn’t appeal to me. I don’t think it was a bad production or the dancing was sub-standard; far from it. I just got tired of the poetry approach to dance. I prefer music thanks. There was some music to the piece and I did enjoy it more.




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6 01 2015

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