HIFA 2010 – day 4

30 04 2010

OK, so I bought the CD at the end of the show in a fit of live show excitement. The CD is good but of course there is more to a live show than music. Living Room is Austrian musicians Christoph Auer and Manu Delago who play some unusual instruments. Like just about everyone in the audience I’d seen neither a bass clarinet or a hang (pronounced “hung”) – the latter looking rather like 2 woks joined together but much more musical! They played a whole mix of music and even hammed it up with paper being rustled, pulled and torn and also another plastic device that looked like something out of a comic book. But once Christoph Auer had added his clarinet mouthpiece and a few more bits it really sounded good. Bravo!

Living Room with bass clarinet and hang

Yes, it actually was musical!

iKapa Dance Theatre are a young and dynamic dance group from South Africa. They performed Stadium, in yes, a makeshift stadium. I don’t pretend that I know much about contemporary dance but I did enjoy the performance and oh boy, do those girls have hot bodies!

iKapa Dance Theatre in Stadium


I have been to the Poetry Cafe when there was a distinct air of revolution about and found the quite inflammatory poetry invigorating. This afternoon it was milder though no less enjoyable stuff from both local and foreign poets. Even Zimbabwean music legend Oliver Mutukudzi was there and lent a hand to one of his prodigies.

Hivos Poetry Cafe - a UK poet entertains



2 responses

1 05 2010
Big Blister

Great photos – hope you’re getting paid for them!

4 05 2010

Alas, no, my camera is still well into debt! I got free access to anything I wanted in return for blogging it. I didn’t really mind as I got to say more or less what I liked whereas when I work directly for HIFA I must be more circumspect.

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