HIFA 2010 – day 3

29 04 2010

Tariro. Yes, I admit it, I had a few issues with this one. I generally felt it was unfinished work – it could have done with some trimming and paring (too long) and definitely a bit of polishing, like another month or so. The story had merit but was very drawn out and I don’t care about pedigrees of those who wrote, directed etc. – the play was riddled with cliches and that gets me like nothing else. I have really heard it all about us nasty white colonialists and that I guess is a point of view but when the aforementioned whites arrive on stage with pith helmets and statements such as “I say, we have run out of whisky wot?” I am more than a little unimpressed. Come on guys, use a bit of imagination? They did not use the talent available either. On the few occasions that the cast was allowed to sing it really did! However, I set myself the task of getting some good photos.


The Dance Foundation Course is definitely my favourite local dance group. I saw them last year and got some great photos. They did not disappoint today either but they were moving way too fast to get good photos. The programme says: “Sublime technical skill combines with the spontaneity and unbridled energy of youth”. I will go with that. It was also a huge amount of fun and they did not lose the opportunity to add a bit of politics (as shows are doing this year) too. Great stuff – thanks guys!

Dance Foundation Course - After the dust settles

I didn’t have my programme on me so I just looked at the time table and saw the next performance at the REPS theatre was a show called Manolibera. Sort of Spanish sounding but I had time to kill before the next play and well, it’s HIFA, why not take a chance? It’s this sort of show that keeps me fascinated in the arts. An artist with an overhead projector, a screen and two clowns. Fish swam, smoke (sugar poured onto the overhead) clouded into a car drawn around the clowns and shopping piled up. All courtesy of the artist (who created a lot of the sound effects too) and the overhead projector. Very clever.


Marathon is a great story with good acting by two local actors and directed by Giles Ramsey. Two men set out on a night run and discuss life, each other, relationships and confront their own future. ‘Nuff said – see it if you can.




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