Fault lines

3 11 2009

I was paying Tony the rent that I owed him yesterday. He asked me if I’d heard of the rumour that the Zimbabwe dollar was going to be re-introduced. I hadn’t but he’d apparently heard that there had been a run on one of the branches of CABS and they’d run out of cash. I’d drawn $1000 out of my corporate account that morning and there were certainly no queues at my bank so it was probably all fiction; albeit very dangerous fiction. We are certainly in no position to start playing those sorts of silly games – the financial system collapse would be near instantaneous and probably irreversible. On the other hand it might be euthanasia for the increasingly ill GNU (Government of National Unity).

Jonathan Moyo, the arch villain, turncoat and sleaze ball of Zimbabwe politics apparently said last week that “…we don’t need the MDC in the GNU. Now that we have dollarized investment will come pouring in”. Right. I still think I’ll draw down the company bank balance a bit.



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