Reflections on the first half

3 11 2009

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Updated 6th November



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3 11 2009

I went on line to print the Nyanga article for my folks and found this. It is excellent – I was so engrossed that I nearly missed my 6am swim.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Is it today?

3 11 2009

I have just returned from collecting Ross from youth club in town, Jane had just started reading this but she waited for me to catch up and we both read it, utterly engrossed. It makes a fascinating read, well written, even though I knew all but one detail! I wonder why we were never told or managed to find out? Any plans to come over this Xmas?

4 11 2009
La Canadienne

Wonderful read; wonderfully written. I’m sorry we’ll miss the turnaround on November 17th, but Terry & I will crack open a bottle of champagne and toast our dear ‘absent friend’. We’ll try to Skype.

I love your picture where you look like Robert Redford, in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, with the mustache. However did you escape the ladies? Must have been that social skills thing! Miss you so much, and I think you should, when things calm down in Zim, cut down the eucalyptus, and turn the property into the Aging Hippies Commune we’ve talked so often about.

6 11 2009
Big Blister

You wrote this from the depth of your soul and it’s awe-inspiring and tragic. You have overcome tremendous hurdles so far – don’t give up on the social side! I agree with La Canadienne!

In defense of our father, and perhaps as the girl-child, I saw him as a kind man who had genuine care for his employees -which perhaps led to a naiive belief that they would not betray him. His light-hearted, youthful side became overwhelmed with the stress of living in a war zone. Yes, he had his faults and, like most of his culture and generation, seldom expressed emotion – but it was there. He too overcame challenges in moving from a first world city to a third world outback, and he remains my hero of self-sufficiency. All in all, he did a pretty good job of parenting without a father figure in his life.

I was aware of the “fourth child” and will write an email to you about that…

Here’s to a wonderful, relationsl, happy, and prosperous second half!

15 11 2009
Cheri Lenox

I have been checking your blog on a near daily basis, anxiously awaiting your next entry.

Warmest Regards!


15 11 2009

Hi Cheri,
As I am not a professional journalist I tend only to write on an “as inspired” basis so it can be a bit erratic!

15 11 2009
Cheri Lenox

Thanks OK but I hope you become inspired again soon,there are a number of us that so enjoy your blogs and it would seem that you have developed quite a following. As for myself, I am looking forward to return to Zims where I still have a lovely home and am trying to stay connected or establish new friendships largely for fear that many of those I knew are gone.

In any case, please feel free to email me directly at

Best regards,


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