Telling honesty

3 11 2009

–  Why didn’t you sell me your pickup?

– What’s wrong with the one you’re driving? I replied, evading the question.

– It’s not mine; I have to borrow that one every time I need to come to town, was the reply.

I’d had an old pickup truck for some years and he was one of several people angling to buy it. I’d eventually sold it to the first person to arrive with the cash. It was running but difficult to start and I’d made it very clear that once out of my hands it was not my problem.

–          So why don’t you go and get one from the second hand car sales places, there must be dozens – it’s a buyer’s market! I said.

–          Yes, but us chiboyi (blacks) are dishonest, we will say anything to sell the vehicle and you find out after 3 weeks that it falls apart. You whites are too honest and tell use all that is wrong with it in the first place!



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