16 03 2007

I’m sure you’ve all come across those irritating inspirational posters; you know, the breaking wave against the sunset, the soaring eagle against the majestic sky that are supposed to inspire one to higher things. Well, yesterday we had the modern version of a tinker come around to work as he’d heard that we needed some watering cans mended. When I saw him at work I was inspired to go  and get my camera to record what could only be termed INNOVATION (picture the first I and the last N larger than the rest which is underlined). Us “Zimbos” are renowned for being resourceful but this was really an extreme version…

home welding The tank in the background is an old fire extinguisher. It contains water and some carbide stone in a small cage under the top that is screwed down with considerable force! The carbide reacts with the water to produce acetylene mixed with the air in the tank. There is a simple clamp on the gas hose leading up to a home made nozzle. While the jet could have done with a bit more work it did an acceptable job of soldering and brazing.

I have heard of carbide lamps when we studied chemistry at school but this is the first practical application I have ever seen! Appropriate technology.



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