Was Little Miss Muffet Arachnophobic?

17 03 2007

It takes so little to keep us happy in Zimbabwe. I can remember many years back when I was still recovering from my war injury at a military rehabilitation centre in the Eastern Highlands we had a day visit by a group of disadvantaged children. I suppose there were about 12 of them ranging in age from 8 to 12 or so. I was sitting in a wheelchair practising a bit of archery when they came running onto the field. Of course they all had to have a go at the archery! There was a boy of about 10 who had quite bad cerebral palsy; he just managed to get the arrow past his feet but he was ecstatic! Then he wanted a ride in my wheelchair. One of the older girls took him for a fast push around the ground and he was over the moon.

These days we get excited when milk comes back onto the shelves after a prolonged absence. Occaisionally one picks up a good deal where the supermarket has been a bit slow to update its prices; that’s always satisfying! This morning I had a happy hour or so photographing spiders in the nursery. It was not as easy as I thought it would be; the webs have “trip wires” everywhere to which the spiders react very quickly. The photos were a mixed success – point and shoot cameras don’t have great field of depth control, but it was still fun.

head shot

The females are the prettiest by far, the males poor guys are rather dull.


So was Miss Muffet arachnophobic? Probably. Silly girl did not look closely and admire the beauty of the spider beside her, but what else would one expect from a girl who ate curds and whey for fun?



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22 03 2007

For the first time the Zimbabweans outside the country seem to be doing something for their country, ie: protests and marches. The white Zimbabweans all seem to have broken all ties and continue with ‘life as usual’ in their newly adopted countries – not a white face amongst the marchers, not that I saw anyway.

23 03 2007

All the ex Zimbos (whites) that I know have emigrated in the true sense; they are now citizens of other countries and have no intention of returning. I have heard that up to 5 million Zimbabweans (blacks) now live outside the country and send money back which is largely responsible for keeping the country going (50 pounds x 5 million is not small cheese). They have not cut their ties and are essentially biding their time so they still have a stake.

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