Spend, spend, spend.

14 03 2007

I  can remember in my 16th year that my parents gave me an allowance (I forget how much) and told me that it had to do for everything except school uniforms and don’t come back to us if you run out of money! It worked. I learnt to budget my money and get only the things I really wanted or needed.  The lesson has stuck with me for the rest of my life and to this day I am somewhat over-cautious when spending money which may be why I am still non-rich (though getting by). While I am thankful to my parents for the valuable lesson it is totally inappropriate for today’s Zimbabwe. I have to consciously force myself to get rid of money in the bank, which if the supermarket manager is right and is devaluing 4% a day, is halving in value every 18 days. When I started my business 8 years ago I anxiously watched the bank account, agonizing on every withdrawal and cheering every credit. I still am grateful for the credits but they only stay in long enough to clear and be spent. It’s very tiring.



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