Remembering Brezhnev

19 02 2012

Leonid Brezhnev was one of the premiers of the Soviet Union. I cannot for the life of me remember when, but I DO remember he had massive, bushy eyebrows. This moth reminded me of him with its massive, brushy antennae. I am pretty sure Brezhnev was not orange though! No, I have not adjusted the colour in any way.

Brezhnev the moth

Brezhnev the person

Photo oportunity

15 12 2011

I carry my point-and-shoot Lumix around with me most of the time as it’s pretty small and unobtrusive. It’s surprisingly good for a small camera (it has a Leica lens apparently). On Tuesday I was down in the industrial sites getting some reinforcing rods bent to make a small shadecloth tunnel to protect my veg garden from the birds and snails. The factory that did the work was distinctly appropriate technology; “dark satanic mills” almost except there was not a lot going on.

This afternoon I spotted this moth on doorway at work. I didn’t think it would come out that well but I am quite impressed!


27 12 2010

I couldn’t identify this moth/butterfly on the glass doors this morning. I particularly liked the gold colouration and the way it holds its wings vertical to its body though I cannot think why it does that. Anyway, it escaped the attentions of the paradise flycatcher that comes past regularly to see what’s on offer and yesterday, even came into the diningroom, hovered less than 2m away from me and picked an insect off the inside of the door before flying out! This was not quite the effect I was looking for but in the end I had to settle for holding a piece of paper in front of the flash to diffuse it. There was just not enough natural light otherwise.

It’s bug season!

10 11 2010

With the rains come the insects. The rains as such haven’t really started but the insects can sense it’s their time to make an appearance. I always check the outside lights for interesting specimens in the morning. This moth was high on the back door yesterday but when I came home in the evening it was in Kharma’s bowl. Here it is sitting on my shoe – hardly a natural setting but certainly different!

I didn't know they were so furry! Click on image to enlarge.