Photo oportunity

15 12 2011

I carry my point-and-shoot Lumix around with me most of the time as it’s pretty small and unobtrusive. It’s surprisingly good for a small camera (it has a Leica lens apparently). On Tuesday I was down in the industrial sites getting some reinforcing rods bent to make a small shadecloth tunnel to protect my veg garden from the birds and snails. The factory that did the work was distinctly appropriate technology; “dark satanic mills” almost except there was not a lot going on.

This afternoon I spotted this moth on doorway at work. I didn’t think it would come out that well but I am quite impressed!



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15 12 2011
David Hall

The first photo is excellent.

16 12 2011

@David Hall: thanks, I was pleasantly surprised as it was a slow shutter speed AND a big aperture. It didn’t really capture the grime and emptiness though which was what I was trying to go for.

17 12 2011
La Canadienne

It captured the relentless endlessness of it. And the moth is astonishing. I do so miss you & your interesting artistic mind.

27 01 2016

I’m looking to by a GH2/3/4 lens in harare, are you selling or know where I’m selling?

27 01 2016

Also a battery charger for the above?

3 02 2016

Zimbabwe is a terrible place to buy cameras/lenses or electronics. Just about everywhere else is cheaper!

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