HIFA 2013 – day 5

4 05 2013

A day of dance – mainly. The National Ballet put on When They Are Gone. Lots of colour and fun with a serious message highlighting the plight of the desperately endangered rhino. A great performance from and amateur dance group and completely choreographed in-house. Encore! (This show will run again at REPS soon – a chance to see it if you missed it at HIFA)

Dance Foundation Course put on their first show after only 9 months training! Seriously energetic, they seemed to revel in the dancing. The second half of the show was some aerial ballet on a rope by Belgian artistes les Cliquets

Last show of the day was Acoustic Night Allstars, a show by a group of local musicians supported by the German Embassy in Harare.

HIFA 2013 – day 3

3 05 2013

Day 3 of HIFA and three shows. One was not what I’d call a show but a talk by an American of his experiences coming to Zimbabwe for the first time as an adjudicator for the National Institute for Allied Arts. A very good talk but not a show and therefore no photos!

HIFA 2013 – day 2

1 05 2013

HIFA 2013 – day 1

30 04 2013

HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts) 2013 started today.  I had a relatively quiet day photographing 3 shows.

HIFA 2009

5 05 2009

I have spent the last week working at HIFA. I was responsible for helping put out the daily news sheet and take photos for it and other purposes. It all went surprisingly well and I generally thought that the standard of shows was the highest it has ever been. They also sold the most tickets ever which was quite incredible. Obviously Zimbabweans are desperate for a bit of escapism. 

Below are some of the better or most representative photos I took in roughly chronological order. Some photos were not that good and some shows I did not photograph. I did not keep track of how many photos I took but I suppose it must have been around 120 or so a day.

This was a great way to get to know my new camera and I had to learn fast! By the last day my “hit rate” had improved enormously! Some of it was extremely challenging photography; low light levels, fast action and a lot of anticipation required. But I had loads of fun and couldn’t wait to get into the action every day. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced that!