Real man uses worms

15 06 2021

Only in Africa do you find signs such as this. I presume the proprietor was referring to the common use of fishing lures and that real men wouldn’t dream of using anything but his earthworms, but I didn’t stop to find out. I was on the way to Mana Pools Game Park in the Zambezi Valley and I was keen to get there.

It was another 41/2 hours along the somewhat hazardous main road to Zambia before I finally arrived and could relax a bit. A lot of the heavy traffic has now diverted via the new Kazangula bridge that links Botswana and Zambia above the Victoria Falls but one still needs to be quick-witted for over-bearing heavy trucks and wheel-rim bending potholes.

I arrived at “Stretch” (real name Andy) Ferreira’s camp on the edge of the Zambezi just as he and a guest were heading out for the afternoon game drive. He’s been working in the Zambezi Valley and Mana Pools area for some 30 years and promises close up encounters with a lot of the game. Many of the elephants have been given names and know his voice. Under absolutely NO CIRCUMSTANCES should inexperienced people approach elephants like you see in some of these photos (it’s also illegal to do so without a licenced guide).

Four nights later, refreshed and relaxed, I was ready to brave the road back to Harare.



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15 06 2021
Mr Bunny Chow

I don’t think Stretch has aged in the 30+ years I’ve known him. He was always incredibly wise and kind to me as a child.

15 06 2021

That shot of the waterbuck mid gallop is marvellous. At least your hands had stopped shaking after the 4.5 hour drive! So blessed to get out of town! The wildest thing I’m seeing these days is the driving on Harare’s roads. Soon you may need an armed guide to navigate city roads! Hope your return was with Zen-like calm and that it will last a few weeks.

18 06 2021

Had one adrenaline moment on the road by Karoi otherwise it was driving-as-usual.

18 07 2021

Hi thanks a lot I love ur articles

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