Celebrating 33

17 04 2013

Tomorrow Zimbabwe will be 33. And there will be celebrations. Those cynical people who have never visited this amazing country may ask what we have to celebrate. I will answer them.

  • We have 3 big South African supermarket chains with outlets that would not look amiss in South Africa – spotting the Zimbabwean produce can be a challenge though.
  • We have  plenty of fuel at competitive prices.
  • We have the biggest fertilizer company in South Africa selling  their top quality fertilizer.
  • We  have manageable inflation. Officially it is 4.5% but it may be a little higher than that in reality.
  • 10% of the population is employed!
  • We have a stable currency (not our own) in the US dollar
  • We have the world’s best climate along with Malta.
  • We have been a democracy longer than South Africa. There is a slight financial problem in funding the next general election this year but we will make a plan for the shortfall of $100 million or so.

I mean really, with all this, who needs an economy?



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17 04 2013
Iain Otton

Hello mate i remember you very well. My memories are are pretty much the same as yours except i totally went off the rails after the army for about 8yrs.I relocated to London in 1989 and went to university to study initially psychology at B.A.level and then worked in mental heath social work for a few yrs becoming an ASW and then back to University to do an M.A in Criminology.Im currently doing study work with various forensic mental health units around the U.K.Keep up the good work.
Iain Otton

18 04 2013

Hi Iain, desperately trying to put a face to the name which I do remember vaguely. It was so long ago – were you in 10 Troop?

Seems like you are doing some really interesting work now!

6 12 2021
simon Knott

Iain _ I heard via the grape vine that you were living in the UK. Who would have thought that we would both end up living in London? Glad to hear that you have made a success of your life.

17 05 2013
Iain Otton

Hi mate i was in 6 troop from July 77 until May 80.I think your photography is truly amazing and your blogging funny and insightful.I have being showing my kids your site and i think even they are impressed.Do you think there will be much change after upcoming elections?There seems to be a bit of a reappraisal of R.Mugabe in the UK and talk of lifting restrictions/sanctions on him and his cronies.,I’m quite surprised that there appears to be quite a bit of “Culture”still prevalent in the country.Anyway good luck and i will carry on following your observations.Cheers Iain Otton

18 05 2013

Hi Iain, OK, so you were one of the 6 Troop skates!

I don’t really think much is going to change if or when we actually get round to an election. Check out this link http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/05/zimbabwe/fuller-text for a blunt but, in my opinion, accurate portrayal of the status quo.

If nothing else we are a tenacious lot and those who have stayed get on with life and the associated arts and entertainment.

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