HIFA 2012 – Day 3

3 05 2012

A good day! I started with dance and music, then some more music and finally a play and they were all quality performances. If I had to chose a top show it would be the Jazz Tap Ensemble. Just awesome!!!



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4 05 2012

Hey thanks for the HIFA News, hungry for info here in Kenya. Also wanted to let you know that you can listen (and even download) some of Maia von Lekow’s tracks on her facebook page, check out the band profile: http://www.facebook.com/maiavonlekow

Keep up the good work.

9 05 2012
MAIA VON LEKOW — Hifa 2012 (Zimbabwe Absurdity)

[…] out more info on Hifa here 2012. I think it definately has been one of the best festivals I have performed […]

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