HIFA 2012 – Day 2

2 05 2012

Day two of HIFA 2012 kicked off warm and clear with lots of action, music and drama. Today I did not take in any dance although the Gri Eshe!  ensemble was billed under the dance section there was not much of it.



2 responses

3 05 2012
Hindupur Avinash

Haha.. looks like you had great time there.. Dogs must be Crazy is popular indeed! Have fun 🙂

3 05 2012

I thought the Dogs Must be Crazy (the name is a pun on The Gods Must be Crazy which was a famous South African movie years ago) went on a bit long. I don’t know if it was stretched to make the hour requirement for HIFA but I thought it would have been really good as a shorter, more intense satire. I got in the bus with some Americans and they admitted that it was mostly lost on them; you had to be up with S.African politics.

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