You know you are having a bad day when…

10 04 2012

Won't you help me - please?

You have just emerged from your pupa to find that your wings won’t open properly, your legs don’t work very well (I know THAT feeling!) and no-one can help!

There was not a lot I could do except take a photograph. It died soon after this and appeared to also have been parasitised by another very small wasp.



One response

12 04 2012

This wasp actually didn’t die when I thought it did. I brought it home to photograph and when I’d finished it started to move again. Last night it made it across the carpet to my desk and this morning it was “dead” again so I left it on a nearby table just in case it was not all over. I opened the front door this afternoon after work and amazingly it made its way off the table, across the carpet and onto the verandah. I watched it struggle along while I drank in the view and my tea and thought I should “do the right thing” but a spider beat me to it when it stumbled into it’s web.

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