Universal language

28 05 2011

They say that sex is a universal language. I guess it must be with the world population knocking at the door of 7 billion but in Zimbabwe one cannot go far wrong with music. I have recently finished constructing a music amplifier for my Landcruiser through which I play my MP3 player. I have to admit I’m still at the “enamoured” stage and cannot resist showing it off and yes, honestly, it IS good!

This afternoon when I stopped at a traffic light, one of the ubiquitous newspaper vendors commented to me; “Nice music sah!”  “Yes” I responded, “we all need good music” and we both jived along a bit to Starship’s “Nothing’s going to stop us now” until the lights changed.



3 responses

29 05 2011

I’m proud to be related to you, a man not afraid to show off his self-built amplifier by blasting out an American power ballad at a set of traffic lights =’)

29 05 2011
Big Blister

Well yes, except you should be driving a low-slung, window-tinted, chrome-emblazoned rig – not an old, beat-up Landcruiser! Get with it, man… 😉

29 05 2011

I am not the first person to comment that my Landcruiser has “character”. It has to make up for it’s lack of good looks… the amplifier also helps! I think the vendor would have appreciated something more along the lines of Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” but I have yet to put it on the MP3 player.

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