Standing their ground

20 05 2011

Austin was chatting to a nun recently who teaches at a mission school in Manicaland. She recounted an interesting story from the time when various ZANU-PF lackies were doing the rounds getting signatures for our Honourable President’s campaign against the “illegal sanctions” commonly described as being imposed against Zimbabwe and the cause of all our economic problems, but they are actually targeted against him and various other senior unsavories. Groups of heavies even hung out in car parks in town here and intimidated shoppers into signing the petition.

They arrived one day at the school and demanded that the students be gathered so that they could address them. The staff and students duly gathered and the address started. It did not get far before the senior students (secondary school age) started to jeer and mock the gatherers of signatures and then they, the students, led the walkout. There was no comeback.



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23 05 2011

I have only just noticed, don’t knowhow long you have had the header photo, is that Runji on the skyline? if so where is it taken from?

24 05 2011

No, it’s looking west towards Rusape from the road just the Mutare side of Watsomba.

27 05 2011
Big Blister

Hooray for the students!

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