7 09 2010

A stamp for a card to Europe

What exactly is the country name on this stamp? Zimbabwe or Zimbobwe?



2 responses

16 09 2010
Big Blister

Ask Bob. Ha!

15 04 2012
Duane W. Udd


Up with massive unemployment
Down with food on povo’s plate
Up with war vets redeployment
Down with democratic state

Up with ultra-high inflation
Down with fiscal sanity
Up with racist castigation
Down with life and liberty

Up with crooks and cronyism
Down with facts and commonsense
Up with land-grab nepotism
Down with proper recompense

Up with global isolation
Down with any Commonwealth
Up with third-rate education
Down with hopes for basic health

Up with cattle prods and beatings
Down with rights to privacy
Up with ZANU PF meetings
Down with all things MDC

Up with crass disinformation
Down with Freedom of the Press
Up with bogus defamation
Down with legal due process

Up with padded rigged elections
Down with referendum’s choice
Up with threats and predilections
Down with news from People’s Voice

Up with partisan inspectors
Down with whites who farm Zim’s sod
Up with evil and witchdoctors
Down with righteousness and God

© Duane W. Udd
15th Sep 2002

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