The statuesque soap opera

31 08 2010

A soap opera is unfolding outside the Karigamombe Centre in central Harare. It seems the Ministry of Home Affairs has found it a suitable place to honour the late Joshua Nkomo who is sometimes known as the “Father of Zimbabwe” a title Bob would prefer for himself.

The grand irony, or insult, here is that “Karigamombe” means “The one who fells bulls” in shona (though “mombe” does not specify what type of bovine it is) and “Nkomo” in siNdebele (Nkomo’s home language) means “bull”. It was presumed the name of the building was to honour the defeat of Nkomo’s PF ZAPU party by ZANU-PF, the ruling party run by Robert Mugabe. Nkomo’s family has taken umbrage at this and the erection of the statue has stalled although the plinth is already there.

Did the aforesaid Ministry really miss the significance of all this? Will the Ministry of Home Affairs back down and what statue will be erected here instead? Wait for the next episode!



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1 09 2010
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