Getting old

7 08 2009

“… and I have brought and old dog that I’d like put to sleep” said the man, late thirties with two young boys, one of whom was holding a Jack Russell type puppy. Everybody oohed and aahed over the puppy which was cute in the way that all puppies are. I wondered if the old dog was being replaced, put out to pasture if you will. Certainly the man did not look at all perturbed as he smiled at the children showing off their new companion. I have had to “put dogs to sleep” that were infirm or in pain and it was not a pleasant business; they were my friends and I was doing what I reasoned to be the best thing for them. I had certainly did not wanted to wait around and pass the time of day waiting for the vet. Maybe the old dog was infirm, who was I to judge?

Once the vet had seen to Jenni’s eye and actually taken note of what I said unlike the previous one, who tried to tell me that her eye could not possibly have deteriorated since the previous day, I took her out to the truck. There was another pickup parked next to mine, dark blue with a fibreglass canopy on the back. One window of the canopy had been left open for the occupant. A large, wonderfully whiskery old face peered out alert and anxious at the open surgery door, waiting no doubt for the family to reappear. Who am I to judge?



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8 08 2009
Big Blister

Bloody disgusting!

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