The waste of it all

3 08 2009

I was at a different sort of waste tip this morning. We’d just got another nice order of tobacco seedlings so I went out to the Tobacco Research Board to buy some of their excess seedling trays. This time I did not bother going through the marginally cheaper used ones but went straight for the new trays. I’d seen where they were dumped before but that was only a small part of it. The pile we accessed was vast; conservatively estimated at 100,000 trays. Now the maths on that is interesting. That amounts to 24.4 million seedlings (244 cells per tray) or about 1,600ha of tobacco at 15,000 plants per ha. And all the trays were donated by UNEP! I’m sure it’s not a lot of money for UNEP but I do wonder if they are aware of how few of the trays have been used.



One response

16 07 2020
Farmer In Heels

Hi. Thank you for the articles. Where May I get them in S.A. and the used ones, where can I get them


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