Getting Away

26 05 2009

It’s been nearly two years since I logged a flight so I was rather nervous on takeoff. Still, the Honde is a forgiving site and with a bit of help I was soon airborne and able to enjoy the amazing vistas of the valley to the east and the Mozambique plains. It was even more important to get away to a stunning part of the country that I’d negelected for too long and enjoy the company of a group of great like-minded friends.



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27 05 2009

As always, the photos are brilliant!
I rather surprised myself yesterday actually. I was talking to some people who are planning on taking A Level photography, and I knew terminoigy that they didn’t: apeture, depth of field, bokeh. Oh dear…

4 06 2009

Thanks for the compliment! I guess there is something to be said for growing up with film cameras that had only the very basics in electronics and not a PC in sight! My first camera was a totally manual Halina (mostly plastic)that one had to guess the focus distance and then look at the f-stop marks on the lens barrel to see what the depth-of-field would be. Getting the metering right required getting two needles to line up by manipulating shutter speed and the aperture. Still, I got some good results out of it and then sold it to Auntie Spanner when I got my first SLR.

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