Digging dirt

26 11 2008

Some facts (subject to verification):

The Marange diamond fields in the east of Zimbabwe are producing about 160 million dollars of diamonds a month. More is gem quality than first estimated and the fields are proving to be deeper than expected.

Of this about 40 million is realized on the illicit market.

There are 5 major partners – heads of the army, airforce,  police, the Reserve Bank and one other.

Most of the 40 million is going out to eastern banks, as cash.

There is a Russian delegation coming to Zimbabwe this week looking to “buy” votes in the UN General Assembly to get South Ossetia and Abkhazia recognized. Russia is one of the bigger players in the world diamond trade. They are bringing a diamond delegation with them. They might be more successful in Zimbabwe than other African states who have break-away sub-state issues (Sudan, Nigeria etc.).

Talks on the “historic power sharing deal” are going nowhere.

Join the dots.



One response

26 11 2008
Big Blister

Well, I didn’t understand much of that entry, but you probably shouldn’t explain further. I did send you an e-card last week but perhaps you can’t access that website or thought it was a fraud?

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