Dropping standards

21 11 2008

A customer called in this morning to arrange payment. We agreed that I’d take 12 x 50kg bags of wheat instead of the Zimbabwe dollars. He said to take a closer look at the notes anyway; they were printed on bond paper! Apparently one has to check that they have actually been printed on both sides of the paper.

The power will be off until Monday at least as the utility won’t turn it back on until the trees have been cleared away from one of the supply lines. Fair enough but why didn’t they say so on Monday! Oh, and we had to supply them with  a new isolator too.

We employed a new labourer on Tuesday and for the first time in some years 2 other hopefuls arrived too. We didn’t take them on as things are not looking that good but it’s a change to know that work is in demand. Maybe they’d heard that WFP was halving its food aid to Zim due to a lack of contributions. On the way this morning to pick up the new employee’s belongings we went past a gathering by the road. Oh, he said, when I asked; that’s the government giving out seed maize but not with any fertilizer. I wonder if they will plant it or eat it.



2 responses

22 11 2008
Big Blister

Glad you’re back on line. 26 years ago when I first came to the US I got US $1.33 for every Z$1.00. Now it’s 64 quintillion!

23 11 2008

Ah, but you must add another 13 zero’s onto that figure! It’s been devalued twice…

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