Easy Shopping

17 07 2007

I did a bit of shopping today. It’s been a while since I ventured near a supermarket, about 10 days or so, and supplies are running a bit low so I ventured forth to see what could be found, not expecting much. I was not disappointed. The first supermarket was closed, ostensibly due to lack of availability of diesel to run the generator in the absence of supplied power. I wonder. It might have been more to keep away “affirmative shoppers” and avoid selling below the cost price. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Right.

The second supermarket was open and selling. Great if you like butternut squash, onions and very sad tomatoes. The other shelves were full too. Of all the same thing – soda water mainly. In fact at least 4 entire racks were taken up by soft drinks in large bottles. The freezers had lots of pets’ mince but nothing else. No milk, flour, eggs, bread, meat of any type, sugar or mealie meal (the local staple). Well at least I was not spoilt for choice.  Lots of butter though. I wondered to another shopper if we could somehow reverse the process and get milk from the butter. She appreciated that. So I stocked up on the pets’ mince so that at least Jenni will not go hungry for a while. There were lots of cans of baked beans too. I guess Zimbabweans are going to be losing a bit of weight.



One response

17 07 2007
Big Blister

You don’t have much weight to lose – what will you eat and what is your plan for when the masses get hungry and angry?

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