Silly Hats

10 07 2007

I was driving past the president’s official residence in town yesterday when I spotted a particularly silly hat. It was perched on top of a soldier in full camouflage uniform apparently guarding the premises.  I think he was trying to look intimidating with fixed bayonet (not a lot of good against bullets) and a helmet stuffed full of vegetation that may or may not have been acquired from the surrounding shrubbery. To me at least he looked very silly though I was not tempted to stop and tell him that.

There are a number of guards surrounding Bob’s town house even though he rarely stays there, preferring his probably grander palace, built by state coffers, overlooking the Borrowdale Brook golf course. Some of the guards are resplendent in dress green uniform with the mustard coloured beret of the presidential guard and white gloves. A while back I drove past while one was studiously scratching his bottom with an immaculate white glove. Not Buckingham palace guards these.



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11 07 2007
Big Blister

Good pathos compared with the previous entries….

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