It’s Showtime!

22 04 2007

So goes the slogan for this year’s HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts). I’m reliably informed that it is the biggest international arts festival in Africa and this year I can believe the hype! I have been attending regularly for the past three years and this year I must admit the line up is as large as it is impressive, i.e. huge! It is held in the first week of May so I have over-committed myself to six days of top class entertainment, but at least my boss approves (that’s me).
I know the husband of the executive director, Maria Wilson, so I do get some of the inside information of behind scenes going on. Maria is very entertaining at the best of times but with a few glasses of wine she becomes hilarious. I guess it is just what goes on at any arts orientated function but to those of us educated in the austere world of science, it sounds almost scandalous; admittedly delightfully so. Anyway, as I was perusing the programme and what to watch and getting a serious case of want to see “wantitis”, I noticed that under the list of acknowledgements was the Zimbabwe Board of Censors. I kid you not. I do know that EVERY script (classical music included) must be submitted to the Board for approval. I am sure the emphasis is on politics as last year we got “The Vagina Monologues” which is quite sexually explicit (I believe). This year the renowned South African satirist, Pieter Dirk  Uys wanted to come and perform but refused point blank to remove any skits on Bob. So he was declined an invite. I guess we are not getting Spitting Image any time soon!



2 responses

23 04 2007

I am surprised that they can afford to put on a festival … we are constantly tld that the country is bankrupt, or is Uncle Bob paying for it in Swiss money?

23 04 2007

Yes, the country IS broke but the funding for HIFA is entirely private. With its increase in statue has come wider recognition from the various embassies etc. who help a lot. Bob does not attend but the CIO (Central Intelligence Organization) very definitely do. Whether they appreciate the show… who knows?

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