The owl is back

15 04 2007

I don’t know if it is the same barn owl that I “rescued” in “Rats, bees & barn owls” but there is definitely another barn owl in the chimney this morning. Chimney owlThere was the usual metallic scuffling sound and as usual I thought it was a rat or lizard somewhere. Closer inspection of the fireplace revealed a tell-tale feather and all became clear. Remove the draught control, get stung by the resident bees three times and wait for the owl to appear. Well, I might have to wait for night fall for that as “he” shows no inclination to come down now. How he survives getting past a well established bee hive is beyond my understanding. Anyway, I have taken advantage of digital wizardry to get proof of the situation though it took several attempts.

I was wrong; it is 13h00 and the owl has just come down the chimney and been successfully released! I was fortunately at my desk in the dining room when the scrabbling intensified and I looked into the lounge to see the owl winging across the floor (at about 30 cm up) and it landed just behind my chair. Incredibly it looked up at me for about 15 seconds with inscrutable black eyes – I would like to think it was saying thank you but I know that is rather fanciful. My camera was on the desk but I knew that if I moved the owl would be gone so I just savoured the moment before it took off down the passage and into the first bedroom. At the windowIt quickly got trapped behind bags of dog food but careful removal and it was back at the window again where I easily picked it up by the shoulders and released it outside. It touched briefly on the verandah before getting its bearings and winged low and silently across the lawn to a group of trees. I will still be smiling tonight!



One response

21 04 2007

Is the top picture of the latest owl? Up the chimney? We DO read your blog regularly!

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