Toad in the hole

4 10 2011

Well, it’s actually in the toilet but I guess that qualifies for a hole of sorts. It’s a fairly lean toad which may account for how it got there (NO I DID NOT PUT IT THERE!) – I presume it got down into the drainage system through another drain point which all have grids over them.

I went to use the toilet as one is wont to do and it looked back up at me in a pathetically toadish sort of way. So I flushed the toilet. However toads are quite strong swimmers and goodness knows, maybe there was some sort of toad-terror lurking in the pipes, so it simply bobbed around in the maelstrom kicking frantically. I came to the conclusion that it was probably just going to make it’s way back into the toilet bowl if flushed down so left it.

It was still there later looking toadishly pathetic so it was time to do something. I mean, how in good conscience can one use a toilet with a toad in it? So I flushed it again, twice (who wants to handle anything but a well flushed toad?), and got an aquarium net. Unfortunately it was a bit big for the bowl but the toad didn’t mind. In fact it saw an opportunity and as I scooped it up it wriggled under the rim of the bowl. I flushed again to no effect. I tried to dislodge it with my fingers but it clung on determindly. It was clearly not interested in going back into the bowl.

So there it remains. Or at least I think it’s still there. This morning it was certainly not in the bowl and I haven’t put my fingers back under the rim. How long does it plan on clinging under the rim of the toilet? Will it die there? I am going to have to think of something – outwitting a determined toad is more difficult than I thought!