Power cycle

11 04 2009

Lunatics are affected by the full moon – so I am told. Others get PMS. With me it’s the ZESA cycle. ZESA is the acronym for the local electricity utility. To say they are in dissarray would be something of a criminal understatement so when the power went off on Monday night I was in not expecting a quick solution. By Tuesday night I was getting a little tetchy but… at 18h30 the power came on! Hey, life in Zimbabwe is not so bad! At 20h40 it went off in a bad way; off, flicker, off – not the clean and decisive OFF meaning “see we can switch you off whenever we feel like it”. Wednesday it transpired that ZESA was “in a meeting” – that ever so useful catchphrase that is we all use to fob off annoying customers etc. We even knew where the broken lines were which made it that much more frustrating. By Wednesday night I was getting really ratty and looking forward to an Easter weekend at work seeing that everything was getting watered. But Thursday morning I bumped into Charles, my next door neighbour who has “connections” at ZESA and I was assured that things were “being attended to”. Sure enough, at lunch time the power was on and I was actually looking forward to the weekend again. It also transpired that someone had tried to pick up one of the downed lines. 11,000 volts has a way of spoiling even Easter weekends.