Murphy’s Law and flying ants

7 12 2011

They are actually flying termites but everyone calls them ants. When I arrived home this afternoon I parked the pickup and as I got out I noticed a lot of birds feeding off termites that were flying off the drive and grass. They paid little attention to me; obviously the risk was worth it! I noticed a spectacled weaver, bronze sunbird, double collared sunbird, blue waxbill, yellow bellied sunbird, red eyed bulbul,masked weaver and a couple of others I didn’t know. It did not matter what their normal food was – this was definitley a bonus! I decided it was worth getting a camera. Of course when I got back the clouds were obscuring the sun and the flying “ants” had stopped! Murphy’s Law enacted…

It’s in the name

29 11 2011

The flamboyant trees this year have been, well, flamboyant! They are not indigenous but I will tolerate that because just about any tree is better than none. No, I have not fiddled the colours!