Alice in Bollywood

6 07 2013

Yes, you read that correctly. Not Wonderland, Bollywood. This was a National Ballet production and is essentially the start of the ballet season here in Harare. I saw a rehearsal last Friday and was more than a bit concerned but it all came together well and we were treated to another quality production that comes to an end today.

Wonderland was replaced by a Bollywood theme directed/produced by Ketan Nagar and we had all the usual characters – caterpillar, a Cheshire tiger, Mad Hatter’s tea party and of course the White Rabbit in the form of Thabani Ntuli of South African Mzansi Ballet  – and good he was too. Faye Jackson, Jan Clayton and Bibi Eastwood choreographed/directed the more conventional dancing. Principal Dancer Natalie Bradbury gave her usual quality performance as Alice. What a relief to see all those girls wearing their hair long for a change!