Winter’s parting shot

19 08 2012

Just when we thought a particularly cold winter had finally moved on it throws a parting shot. I was about to take the duvet off the bed yesterday and store it for next winter when a bitterly cold wind sprung up and it was back to wearing a fleece all day. By yesterday afternoon it had become overcast too and I didn’t even bother taking my model glider out of the Land Cruiser at the microlight club. It didn’t help that as I turned down the track to follow the runway I came across a raging veld fire that had been INTENTIONALLY lit! It was bad enough that there didn’t seem to be much purpose to it and fire guards are required by law to have been burnt by the end of June, but on a day with a really strong wind! Now that really got the bad humour going.

Of course where there is destruction there is opportunity and the herons had not wasted time getting in on the action and searching the scorched ground for rats and other animals unfortunate enough not to have escaped the fire. There were black-shouldered kites and black-breasted snake eagles also cruising hopefully above the burnt veld. I caught this heron as it cruised by no doubt looking for better “action”. It’s not a brilliant photo but I do love the way the low light has sculptured the wings and body.

A grey heron cruises past

Skies at night

28 11 2010

The rains are late in starting as predicted. They are still very patchy too but at least there are some spectacular sunsets and clouds about.

A microlight aircraft comes in to land at Komani Microlight Club near Harare

I took this this evening after flying models. There were a number of storms about which disrupted flying of all types of aircraft for a while.


I have no idea what these flowers are but they open very quickly late in the evening. I first noticed them last weekend when I was packing up my models and looked up to see a whole lot of flowers that I was certain were not there when I arrived. The next evening I actually watched one open over a period of about 20 minutes. They don’t last more than a night.