And on the positive side…

14 07 2018

Will McNicol, acclaimed guitarist, entertains.

We don’t have a lot to celebrate in Zimbabwe at the moment; the economy is barely existent, cash is a fond memory and the weather is unusually cold and dull. But we have just spent the afternoon listening to the top class acoustic guitarist Will McNicol in the gardens at Amanzi restaurant, thanks to Music Every Month  who brought him over from the UK. Oh, and the wine wasn’t bad too if rather pricey – but as my dear departed mother liked to say; money was designed to be spent! It was just what we needed. Thanks Will and to all those who made this possible.

And he even used his mouth – inspired by Jimi Hendrix perhaps?

A bit of culture

12 10 2011

We don’t get a lot of high quality entertainment in Harare – I mean, who wants to come to Harare, (where’s that?) to play, act etc? The exception of course is HIFA but that’s just a week a year (see other pages on this blog). So when we do get quality entertainment it is really appreciated. There are even those who claim, rather snidely, that Zimbabwean audiences are a little TOO easily pleased but, hey, we enjoy it! Last night the Spanish Embassy sponsored top flamenco guitarist, Paco Peña, to play. Word had got around that it was a free concert too and it was a capacity crowd at the now somewhat dilapidated 7 Arts theatre (when it rains I have seen water leaking onto the stage). I am no flamenco aficionado and fortunately there was no singing, which is very much an acquired taste, but the playing was extraordinary. I even checked to see he did not have extra digits on his right hand! Encore to the Spanish Embassy!