In the news

2 12 2008

Zimbabwe is in the news. That’s nothing new of course but the coverage of the cholera outbreak is unusually intense. Apparently the health authorities in Musina just over the border in South Africa are struggling to keep up with influx of infected refugees. The BBC also reports that the deputy Health Minister has said that nobody who is ill will be turned away – the South African constitution guarantees that they will be treated. Of course they will be treated – they don’t want an outbreak in South Africa!

Just about all the government hospitals have closed here. I verified this with the nurse who took blood from me today. The Parirenyatwa which is a big teaching hospital in Harare closed 3 weeks ago and the Harare Hospital about a week before that. If you don’t have the funds to use one of the private clinics then you can always try one of the mission hospitals which are still functioning and failing that… Well, you are going to die. She shrugged philosophically. And this is all due to a lack of funds. My blood was destined to go to one of the private clinics. I drove past the Pary (as its abbreviation is known) on the way out and indeed it looked deserted. The perpetrators of this policy of deliberate neglect will probably get away with it though in my opinion they are as guilty as Slobodan Milosevic for crimes against humanity.