Air Zimbabwe – euthanasia required

19 01 2012

The photo on Shelton’s cell phone was unmistakable – an Airbus A320. It was, I was told, parked in an Air Zimbabwe hanger for painting in the national carrier’s colours. Now anyone familiar with the Air Zim saga will appreciate just how daft this is.

At the end of last year Air Zim had a plane impounded at London Gatwick for non-payment of outstanding servicing and spares and was therefore not available for Robert Mugabe to use to go to Kim Jong Il’s funeral (word has it that he was not pleased). The same had happened in Jo’burg a bit earlier with another aircraft. The planes were eventually released and now Air Zim doesn’t fly to either of those destinations –  presumably they still owe money. It is a bit restrictive just flying in the sub-region and cannot be remotely profitable. Shelton is junior aircrew and has not been paid for 8 months. One can only imagine what the other staff are owed and here we are with two purchased Airbuses. Oh, and they are not remotely new either so are not going to be cheap to run. Really, how IS this going to make any difference to Air Zim’s misery? It is time to do the right thing and put the whole sorry mess to sleep.