Dissing the ZRP – part 2

27 06 2015

Today, on my way into Borrowdale, I was once again stopped by the police. It is a straight piece of road near my work so I couldn’t have done anything untoward.

“Good morning sir, how are you?”

“Cold” it IS winter.

“We are just checking two things this morning, your horn and your hand brake.”

I sound the horn. I pull on the hand  brake thinking he is going to try pushing the car.

“Please put your foot on the clutch. Ah, yes, that’s nice, you may go.”

What? This is a level piece of road!

“Don’t you want to push the car to test the handbrake ?” It’s a Land Cruiser, good luck mate.

“No, there is a slope here, you may go.”

OK, whatever, looks dead level to me!

For a contrasting encounter, please see the previous post.



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