Still looking good

31 03 2015
Still going well...

Still going well…

I came across this grand old lady in a supermarket car park recently. The owner was only too pleased to chat – one can be sure when this amount of work has gone into a car it will be very special! It turns out she’s a ’68 model, has done 300,000 miles (500,000 km) and is on the first engine rebuild. The owner couldn’t get the right sized pistons and liners so he upgraded it to a 1600 cm³. Yes it has been resprayed too.

Some German friends whom I showed the photo to commented that it was the first model that did not have a split windscreen. And yes, she really did purr (in as much as Beetles ever did) out of the car park!




2 responses

13 04 2015
Mr Bunny Chow

my mums 1960 had different bumpers but still a single front and rear screen, I believe it is still running and still in Harare

14 04 2015

The Beetle was never one of my favorites but the later model 1600s did have a certain sex appeal!

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