Not of the right stuff

21 12 2013

I know that when the government press are critical of their own that the person in question is either a fall guy or just doesn’t have the right connections. The person in question is the CEO of the state-run Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and has been drawing a salary of around $40,000 per month including allowances. While I’m sure that salaries of this magnitude exist in the real world outside Zimbabwe I very much doubt they are in government run corporations that are rapidly going broke (see this link). While this is a link to an independent paper I first saw the story in the government owned Herald.

The person in question has  been suspended from his job while investigations are ongoing. In the meantime I still see police roadblocks where the prime aim is to get motorists with car radios to pay their compulsory licences. The ZBC has inspectors who are at the roadside. To say this grates is an understatement. I have removed both my aerial and cover of my car radio. The former stops me being pulled over in the first place (there is a gaping hole by the windscreen where the aerial was) and the second allows me to bluster that the radio is not functional. If the licence inspector gets pushy I retort – “If you can get the radio working then I will buy one of your licences”.

In the meantime I am just waiting for the day when they realize that anyone with a cellphone also has a radio and is therefor liable for a licence!



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