The long view

2 10 2013
Burnt to the horizon and beyond

Burnt to the horizon and beyond


It is not often I get a view like this at the beginning of October. Just 2 days prior to this there was so much smoke in the atmosphere that the sun effectively set at 5 p.m. – a good hour before it would have dipped below the horizon if one was visible. The day before THAT the thermometer hit a record 35 degrees C – the hottest September day on record. By this morning it had plunged to 14 degrees, definitely cold for October. So yes, it is great to be cool and clear. But there is a catch.

As far as the eye can see (about 60km in this case) the bush has been burnt. It will continue to burn until the rains arrive, hopefully in mid-November. What this costs the country , and indeed the sub-continent, in lost soil fertility can only be guessed at. If the world has to increase its food production for a burgeoning population we could well do our bit by controlling the bush burning – after all, Africa will be where most of the population growth will occur.

And that black shape in the sky top right, that’s a bit of good news. It’s a bird. Take a photo in this part of the world of the sky and there is invariably a bird in it. But will this abundance always be there if the environmental degradation continues apace?



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2 10 2013

I breathe better simply for seeing a view even in pixels.

3 10 2013
Lin Goncalves

Very good – have been coughing like crazy – the little rain and moisture we had was very welcome! Although the sudden temp. drop was a bit of a shock!!! Having been MELTING over the weekend and not wanting to move, except to slither into the pool!!!! My son is a pilot and at this time of the year he says the visibility is zero – no horizon at all……
Sad that too many people in this country have NO regard whatsoever for the environment, be it water or air…..everything is ‘for TODAY’ and tomorrow doesn’t exist…….

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