Bee season

13 08 2013

I got in late last night from a successful day’s flying in the Zambezi Valley. 7.5 hours driving 1h40 flying, 1100m height gains but no big distance. That is a successful day for a paraglider pilot, especially one who doesn’t get much opportunity to fly these days.


It’s easy to be a celebrity in the Zambezi Valley (near Muzarabani)

day end

Day’s end – the crowd moves off one by one


Richard and Craig offloaded the wings, commented on the bees in the dining room and left. I didn’t bother investigating further; there are often bees swarming in my chimney, especially at this time of year and they get trapped inside the lounge. No big deal, I’d get the vacuum cleaner out in the morning and suck them up.

This morning I walked into the lounge and discovered a swarm of bees had moved in during the day. There’s not a lot I can do at this stage except leave the windows open and hope they move off to a better location. In the meantime I think I’ll go somewhere else while they make up their mind!

Not a pretty sight early in the morning!

Not a pretty sight early in the morning!



5 responses

13 08 2013

Send in Winnie the Pooh!!

13 08 2013

I suspect the might need to be a “hunny” incentive for that to happen. I am hoping they don’t get to that stage.

13 08 2013
Susan Horcajo

Well, as they say, when live gives you lemons… or in this case, bees… 🙂

13 08 2013
Susan Horcajo

Oops! Sorry for the typo… 😦 s/b:
When life gives you lemons, …

25 09 2013

because you are too sweet 😉

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