Not quite Earl’s Court

18 05 2013

Zimbabwe probably has the highest density of pickup trucks anywhere in the world. It was certainly reflected in the stands at the Harare Motor Show today. Along with a few boats, earth-moving equipment and heavy vehicles. There was a smattering of leggy female models thrown in but none that I really felt like photographing; especially when they couldn’t answer basic questions about the pickup truck I was interested in and then couldn’t find the keys! I guess I might be getting old. After half and hour I’d seen everything I was interested in and it was time to move on – definitely not the show of the Earl’s Court venue.

The show is on late tonight so I guess most people will be going for the party. We are a match for anywhere in the world when it comes to drinking, and sadly driving, too. I hope they are warmly dressed as the weather has gone vile.



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