The dying art of handwriting

7 03 2013

I read last year that a number of states in the USA will no longer be teaching cursive handwriting. Indeed, I have seen examples posted on the internet of students’ handwriting and it is printing – the letters are not joined. The local International School has a paper-free policy whereby all text will be stored and generated on electronic devices. I guess this does not apply to the art department!

I received the letter below today in the post (another dying institution?). It’s from my uncle in the UK who will turn 90 this year. I visited him last year and he is indeed looking old but his mind is sharp and his handwriting exquisite although I admit I find some of it a bit difficult to decipher. It is certainly better than my writing and the grand irony of that is I won the Headmaster’s Prize for Handwriting in my final year at junior school. Now I have difficulty reading it myself! I do hope that I will be as lucid as my uncle if I get to 90 even if my handwriting has long since deteriorated below his standard.

Cursive writing from a 90 year old!

Cursive writing from a 90-year-old!



3 responses

10 03 2013

Pleased to see your uncles letter and glad he is still using my mothers dictionary. Thank you!

1 04 2013
Big Blister

Looking forward to my letter…!

1 04 2013
Big Blister

Sorry, I no longer have “The Soul of the Ape”. I read it but it was tough going and, I suspect, rather dated science that I hope has been superceded by more enlightened work…

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